a few more days, one huge heart lesson

Lizzie shared last week about how difficult it can be letting go of your children. Her babies are smaller than mine, but her words resonated deep in my heart. Yes, these times can be scary. It's not that we want to keep those apron strings knotted up, but untying them is so difficult. I have been extremely blessed that God led us to untie over the years, so I'm not having to do them all right now. I can't imagine. But it's still hard. Lizzie reminded me even though it's hard I can trust God to take care of us both because He is both my and my son's Heavenly Father. He will work all things for good for both of us.

I am extremely proud of this young man. He makes me laugh hard. He has lived his life with integrity and honesty. He has learned from his mistakes and works hard to walk forward from them. He loves openly and understands the importance of borders. He has become an amazing young man, and I am excited for him to keep walking on the path laid out for him, even though it is diverging from ours at this time. It is as it should be. And I can trust God has him covered.

Lizzie's words were so relevant for me right now. Just the perfect reminder. I had to share.


  1. Oh my heart...
    and to think, God loves our children more than we ever could.

    To hear you describe your son makes me see how well you've done with His child, Stacey. You have every reason to be proud as you delight in watching what God can do through Him!


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