T-shirt headband

Have you seen my hair before? Yes, over there in that picture. Do you see how neat and orderly it is? Yeah, I know. It's a wild dream of mine some days, to have hair that stays perfectly coifed. Straightening takes too long, and doesn't work as well as it used to, so I just let it dry and see what I get every morning. It's like a surprise.

Well, you can imagine how uncontrollable it is when exercising. I have pulled it back in a pony tail, but those bangs get wet and drop sweat right into my eyes nearly every time. Ick! and distracting. Headbands don't stay very well. I actually shared in a discussion on facebook a while back with several girls who all agreed on that. They seem to slip off, one direction or another, but hardly ever stay where they are supposed to. Yes, the non-slip kind. So, I gave up, and just dealt with the bangs.

Until now!

I had some extra t-shirts laying around from one of the last t-shirt quilts I made, and decided that if jersey is so great I should try it out as a headband. I cut along the bottom of the t-shirt in this basic pattern::

I literally held it on and figured out where I needed to narrow down, and then how wide it should be to hold the hair back but not flap like a bandana has a tendency to do. The great part is the material stretches, so you stretch it over your head and hair and tie it... wala! It stays in place. I'm also hoping the lack of elastic is helpful with hair breakage as well.
As you can see you can simply wrap the bangs back, or tie it in a pony tail, or even flip the hair up and tie it again for a little knot at the neck. I just made these and hope to play with them to figure out the best way to wear them. 

If you have any ideas or experience with this style of headband I would love to hear about it! Thought I would share.


  1. That is a great idea!! I have lost SO MANY headbands out exercising... I'm pretty sure every bird in a 20 mile radius has used them to build nests.

    1. Hilarious! Well, I used it running, walking, AND TKD where we sparred and it stayed on perfectly this past week. I love them, and if you have spare tshirts laying around I say make some. The material stretches beautifully.

  2. Love this!! I'm a bandana girl in Zumba, but don't like it being on my forehead. It does keep a lot of sweat out of my eyes, though. I may have to try this. Wish I had some pretty colors.


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