My "to don't" list

Mary De Muth tweeted a post that she wrote back in May. Apparently I had missed it in May, so it worked out that I read it this go round. I loved the concept she shared. Go read her entire post {here}; it's about her "I don't" list.

Does anyone remember my to do list? I made it at the beginning of the year,and here's a shot of it...

For the year

It took a lot of journaling and condensing to get this list of ten, but I still have it where I can see it and I still love it. I also loved Mary's idea of a "to don't" list. After all, there are truly things each one of us should NOT do anymore. We simply need to stop it. And after some more journaling and condensing I came up with my "to don't" list.

I will NOT::
  1. allow the cut in finances to limit us. I will find work arounds.
    Things are going to be tight for a while, but not so much so that we are doing without. It would be easy to say we can't afford to do anything and lock ourselves in our home. This would also feed my hermit tendencies. I don't want to do either. I will make it work for us to do things fun and out of the way sometimes. Like Sonic happy hour. :)
  2. watch more than one "Criminal Minds" at a time.
    Youngest loves this show. He records some that are in syndication and we try to stay up with the main character's story lines as well as solve the crimes. However, some of these are very intense, and I simply can't watch more than one in a row. It freaks me out.
  3. hold too tightly to my boys.
    Especially with oldest leaving soon, it would be easy to tie knots into the apron strings of the youngest. Easy but not fair. I will continue to cut the ties as time goes, and not allow them to feel guilty for having their own beautiful life.
  4. put down or diminish who my husband is.
    It's easy in this culture to make fun of, be sarcastic, and belittle those we love all in jest. I say it's easy because this is something we do to a degree. I need to back off this a little. I want to make sure the things I say to my husband are uplifting and encouraging, supporting him in everything he does.
  5. make decisions based on how others determine the scales.
    Quite simply put, we place different priorities on different things in our lives. This does not necessarily make one person wrong or right, but I have to stop acting as if they do. All that accomplishes is me putting someone else down, or myself. It's a sick twisted version of the comparison game I am no longer willing to play.
  6. feel guilty when I need a rest.Truth be told, this is more about me than anyone else, but sometimes when I am exhausted and need to rest I feel guilty. I'll get up to do something simply to make myself feel "good", when what would really do it for me is a 15 minute nap. Rest is just as important as everything else in life, and I need to start remembering this.
  7. watch "Fear Factor." Ever again.
    All three guys in my house enjoy this show, and I am blessed in the fact it is not a year round show. Nor do we get it in syndication. But it has returned to one of the national television stations and so it has been watched again recently. This show is worse than "Criminal Minds" for many reasons, and I simply can't watch it.
  8. give up faith in God as I seek for answers.I have been ignoring questions again, but it's time to start facing them. It's time to search out the answers I am longing for. No matter what, I know my faith in God will not stop. It's part of me.
  9. pay someone to cut my hair.I simply can't do it again. I have never had a good haircut I paid for. My sister has a fabulous stylist she wants me to go to, but I simply keep procrastinating and saying maybe later. I think I just simply can't do it. I trim my own hair occasionally, and am usually pleased with the results. I think I will keep it like that.
  10. stop cheering others on.I want to always encourage others to walk the path God has laid out for them. I want to always encourage others to love those around them. I want to always encourage others to be who God created them to be.
This is my fun "to don't" list. Some are temporary, some need to always be remembered, and some wont even be an issue. It was really harder than I thought it would be to come up with this list, but I'm glad I did. Just a little different spin on the merry-go-round we usually play on. How about you? Do you have a "to don't" list?


  1. What a great idea! I need to ponder...
    And thanks for your #10! I am so blessed by your encouragement, Stacey!

    1. Thanks Becky! I couldn't stop encouraging those who are encouraging me. :)

  2. I love this! You've made some great choices. I feel like a know you a little better now. I stopped paying people to cut my hair, too. My hair's so thin I can just pull it to the front and trim it.

    1. My hair's not long enough for that... yet. :) Thanks Tereasa.

  3. I have to confess I like criminal minds too, I like the 'main charaters' but don't often like the story lines. I like NCIS TOO only because of Mark Harmon :o} I like you... am very careful about what I say about my husband, he is not perfect but neither am I and it is not ok to chat about it. I do pay someone money to cut my hair, it is thin, and greying and I can't do a thing with it on my own. (will not color it I am proud of every grey hair) I will not EVER watch fear factor. Oh and I LOVE to encourage others. (sounds like we have a lot in common)

    1. I never did watch NCIS very much. It must conflict with another show that was on my must not miss list. :) It does sound as if we share a few things, doesn't it?


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