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I wanted to occasionally introduce some friends to you. We can't really get together face to face in order to meet friends of our friends, but I thought a little coffee or tea in the afternoon with introductions might be nice.

Becky is the first I am honored to share with you. I met her in the Better Writer forum through {Allume}. They mentioned gathering a few bloggers together to form a group you can go to for support, encouragement, critiques, and love. Becky generously asked me if I would like to do that with her. Have your cup ready? With no further ado, here's Becky!!

Greetings from Rochester, NY!  My name is Becky Daye and I have been blogging at for just over a year.  As a "newbie" to blogging, I joined a Better Writer challenge and it was there that I met Stacey.  As I read her posts, I felt my heart being drawn to her.  We have become friends and I am so thankful for the impact that she has had and continues to have on my life.

Thank you, Stacey, for the opportunity to trade places with you today!

I wrote my first blog post entry on a whim.  My youngest was about to turn two and I was feeling this need to DO something- I just wasn't sure what that should be.  So I wrote about it.  And then I did a crazy thing and shared it on facebook.  As support and encouragement rolled in, I discovered that this thing that I was supposed to do was blogging.

It has been incredibly rewarding and surprisingly terrifying- this blogging journey that I have been on.  Rewarding in that I have met amazing women who have enriched my life in a myriad of ways.  Rewarding because it has given me a deeper desire to live life to the full.  And rewarding because it keeps me accountable to the Word of God- I must be spending time getting to know God more in order to bring glory to Him through my words.

With all of the rewards, one might question why it would be terrifying.  Every time I write, I share a part of me.  Sometimes this leaves me feeling bare and vulnerable.  Putting my thoughts and feelings out in the world for anyone to criticize is not within my comfort zone (is it comfortable for anyone, really?).   I have learned through this to rely fully on my Father, to rest in His goodness, to float on His grace. 

My friends and family have been a huge encouragement on this journey.  Their support means more than they will ever know.  Ironically, sharing so much of myself with the world can leave me feeling isolated.  While ones that I love are frequently receiving pieces of me, they sometimes forget that I need to hear from them.  Blogging is always the sweetest when it is a two way street.  It has been a huge joy to meet other bloggers for this very reason.  But I have been challenged recently (by my gracious and loving Father!) to make sure that I am not neglecting my friends and family who are not a part of the blog world.

As we celebrate independence today, I am overwhelmed by a feeling of gratefulness.  Grateful for the opportunity to explore my passion of writing.  Grateful for dear friends who lovingly support and generously give much needed feedback.
Grateful for the FREEDOM of writing!  And so, as long as God continues to lead me down this road, I will write.  And I pray that it will be for His glory!

 You simply MUST go over and check her blog out. Firstly, I'm posting over there today!! :D But most importantly, if you know what's smart you will follow her and join her regularly, as well.

Thanks so much Becky for taking your time to come over here today! I loved having coffee with you.


  1. You are both beautiful women and writers! What a wonderful idea. I enjoyed reading this:)

  2. I enjoy both of your blogs. Finding encouragement throughout the day via the world wide web is a real blessing!

  3. Two fabulous women trading places today! What a blessing to know both of you and your words.

  4. Someday we will actually have coffee in person. Thanks for allowing me to share with you today. Love you!

  5. I loved reading both of your posts today! Becky, you have such a sweet spirit that shines through your writing! Great idea ladies!


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