a "mixed life"

I wonder what it must be like
to lock yourself away
study God's word and commune with Him
An anchoress's life sounds appealing
in so many ways.
Just like a hermit.
Spend your time
your way
digging deep
sharing far and wide.

And yet I am here
in a "mixed life"
surrounded by laundry, dust, yarn, books, and loved ones.
I think about what it would really be like to step away
and I know I could not do it.
Not because I love them more than God
(but admittedly sometimes I must)
but because God placed me here
for this time.

So I study when I can
I see the sun rise with pen in hand
I do the laundry through the day
I get interrupted for coffee
the dog
the talk
the dishes
the food
the bed
the bathroom
but the pen keeps moving
the love keeps flowing
the books keep being read
the laughter keeps sharing
and I keep learning

Is it possible to have a deeply spiritual life
amongst the piles of clothing and dishes
intertwined with the hugs and laughter
the tears and frustrations?
I think so.
I believe so.
I have to.

"All shall be well
All shall be well
All manner of all things
shall be well"
Julian of Norwich

I want to learn even more about her. I am already amazed at how much I had wrong.
Her biography was based loosely on the times, for no one is even sure of her actual christian name.


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