The remix I spoke of.

I have to admit. I moved all my "stuff" to an online calendar system to try to stay on top of things. I need to do a LITTLE more organizing to stay up on everything, but so far so good. This, however, meant that I no longer {needed this little gem}. Not that it still looked like that anyway.

This was my before picture. Remember how I mentioned it was in the middle of a remix when I spoke about {reclaiming space}? Well, the remix is finished. After a little paint, some paper cutting and glue, I completed my new picture.With very little fan fare, here is how it looks now...

I thought about adding a quote or a word, but decided that I'd prefer it blank as far as words go. It's just a little happy that makes me smile. If I ever change my mind all I have to do is pull out my pen, anyway. And yes, it is still in my space, see...

It was fun to make, and using the paint and glue helped my words flow. Isn't it great when that happens?


  1. I love it!
    And re: your comment on my blog: I don't know if it's settling to stay small, or what. I wrote about risk today; it's tough to fight the demons of the past that ring in my head over & over.

  2. Very cute corner... such creativity.

  3. I love it! :)

    Yes, you've definitely inspired me to redo my space this week. I'm going to blame you when Joel complains. lol


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