Writing the Bible

Once upon a time long, long ago I had the idea to copy the Bible. Can I tell you that the mere thought of this overwhelmed me completely? I have kept a journal of bible verses and notes of what I thought, but the Bible? Should I even do that??

Last week I was talking to a facebook friend about the idea. We agreed it would take a lot of journals to do such a thing, but something happened after we talked about it. The idea grew into my brain again. I mentioned to her I would want to do it in order to pass it on, but I have to admit I don't know who I would pass it on to. Bibles are a dime a dozen in this country. We are blessed and we take it for granted. What would a hand written copy mean to people who can walk into book stores and choose from shelves of Bibles? Then I realized maybe it wouldn't be for me to pass down. Maybe it would simply be for me.

As I stood in Target staring at the different notebook choices I was overwhelmed once again. Do I go thin, or thick? How many journals WOULD this take? First I picked up a trio of notebooks which were thinner. But how could I be certain one notebook would be one book? I guess it could contain part of a book. Then I picked up a fat book with a ribbon bookmark. Who knows how many books I could get in this one?

But that opened up a whole slew of other questions. Do I want to copy the entire Bible or just certain books? Do I want to copy them in order or pick and choose? Do I keep the pages numbered so I can have an index in the beginning? And then I decided.

I brought the journal home, the one with the ribbon, and opened it up. I skipped the first page because it folded funny and would be hard to write on. I chose the book of Esther because I wanted to read it, and I simply started writing. I scratched out a mistake, and gave up the idea of perfect. I only wrote on the front of the pages, leaving the back for notes later if I so choose to do it. My own commentary? That might be fun.

I really have no idea where I am going with this, or what it will be in the end, if anything, but I'm glad I started.

This {Summer Reading Challenge started yesterday} as well. Follow that link to read the books I will be working on through the summer, or {head on over to Semi-Charmed Life and sign up for yourself}.


  1. Ahh! I love that you're just doing it! :) What a wonderful thing... even just the act of doing it is a great way to get into the words, taking them slowly.

  2. I think I'm going to steal this idea....it's brilliant! Please keep us posted as to how it goes....I would love to follow your journey.



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