"Only others complain."

{Sabrina complained about Mrs. Johnson complaining}. Isn’t that how we often do things? We don’t try to understand, or think about how far we have come. We simply complain about others. We don’t even see ourselves complaining when we complain about those complaining. Yes, I agree. It is a mouthful.

I am guilty of having too many mouth-fulls. I try hard not to, but I admit that I have been a complainer of others. I have fallen so many times within the gossip, complainer, talking too much realm. It’s something I work hard on now, and have gone to the other extreme at times where I don’t even talk through my problems with those in my inner circle. I’m scared I’m going to cross that line. What is the difference between complaining and working things through? I think when we are trying to get people on our side, not trying to understand, or the situation doesn’t even have a thing to do with us then it is complaining.

CS Lewis spoke about how we can’t judge another person because we don’t know their starting point. They may have come much further than us in improving their life, but had a harder start. Instead of counting ourselves blessed for how far we have come or easy we had it we simply judge the other. So many times we do this with a group, because it’s more fun to point and giggle behind the hand together than it is on our own. Almost like high school all over again.

Instead of hanging out with others behind our hands, let's find people who will encourage us to do the right things. I have a friend who {wrote about “One Thing” on Monday} of this week. Her choices and actions were right up there where I want to be. Lizzie showed the correct way to handle a situation you may not necessarily agree with. She didn’t complain at all. Her heart broke. And Joanne, another dear friend, {wrote about kindness a while ago}. How it’s a struggle to rise above the pettiness and ugliness we heap on each other, but so worth it.

I think when we start trying to understand others, and be truly grateful for our blessings then it’s easier to stop complaining about others. It’s easier to remember they need love and prayer. It’s easier to be kind. Don’t follow Sabrina’s example. She should have prayed for Mrs. Johnston rather than complain about how much she complained. Find a group who will uplift and encourage, both others and you. {Follow Lizzie}. {Follow Joanne}. And others like them.


  1. I think the difference with complaining is that you don't care about the person or changing the situation,
    Working through it means you care enough to love the person and look at the situation through that love?
    It's a hard line to find that's for sure!
    Thanks for a great post!

  2. Some very good points here. I remember someone saying to me that if you are busy serving others as Christ served them, their annoyances are not so annoying anymore. That helps cut down on a reason to gossip or just fall short of that little extra kindness we can show to others. Thanks for sharing.


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