Have you given recently?

The phone rang last week, and I silently listened to the plea on the other end. They needed help. This time of year they are very low. It wouldn't take long if I was willing to help. Please.

Was it a telemarketer? No, it was the {Oklahoma Blood Institute} looking for help. Apparently from Memorial day to Labor day they are low on volunteers and high on need. I will admit to wondering if I had a way out of their need, but knowing without a doubt I really didn't.

I have always wanted to give blood but allowed my fear to win, until about a year and a half ago. Our church held a blood drive and I was determined to give. After all, they were coming to me, so why not? It was the worst experience ever, but it was my own fault and I knew it. So when they came to the church six months later I was determined to give at least one more time and prepare better. It went much smoother. No fainting or anything that time. When the phone call came through I knew there was no real reason for me to say no, except my fear. Which isn't real at all.

I showed up two days later, I went to them this time, and it was the easiest give of all. I ate every two hours and drank SO much water, and a bit of coffee, before hand. I showed up before noon and was there for maybe half an hour from walking in to walking out. Easy breezy! And I also walked out with zoo passes for two and a stress pig. (I gave the pig to my oldest! ha!)

If you have some spare time and the ability to give, I suggest you do so. They are low through the summer and the need is high. If it's only fear that is holding you back, don't let it do it anymore. {You could help someone stay alive through your gift, if you so choose.} Look for your local organization if you aren't in Oklahoma.


  1. It's unfortunate but I can't give blood. I have never really had the chance, not since my platelet issue at 19. Sadly, when I say I can't, I often get teased about being afraid of needles. I am so not afraid of needles. Just of dying. :D

    1. You make me laugh! Oh and I totally know there are reasonable reasons not to give blood. And you know, even a fear of needles can be reasonable if it's bad enough. I would never suggest someone with a phobia or who tends to faint because of it give blood. I have other friends who are from Europe and they can't give blood for that reason.


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