"If we mess up we'll just put him in first grade at the local school.
After all, can we really mess up kindergarten?"

I remember the curriculum we chose in the beginning, and being overwhelmed with it. I remember being freaked out about high school. Yes, when we started kindergarten. I remember choosing different curriculums and making them work for us. We tried a variety of support groups, attempted to start our own, and attended some meetings and field trips. I remember all the help from the homeschool moms online. (Thank you.) I remember the hard days and the fun days. I remember repeated classes and easy courses. I remember the different stages and the struggles to keep going. I remember all the library trips and our friends there. (Miss you.)

Do I remember it all? I only wish that was possible. Well, maybe not.

Maybe it will be okay if I look back on the past twelve years and know we all did the best we could. It will be okay to know we worked through the hard times together. It will be more than okay to know he learned how to learn, be independent, love, and support.

Not being part of a support group or co-op, we had our graduation during the Senior Recognition at church today. It was really great. He was there with his local friends and us. He was recognized for what he has done, who he is, and where he is going. He was celebrated and cheered and appreciated. My heart nearly burst as my eyes welled up.

I guess we didn’t mess up kindergarten too badly.


  1. What an awesome achievement for all of you as a family! Congratulations to the graduate, and I wish you much success, many blessings, and marvelous opportunities.

  2. Just supa! Smiles all around!



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