Flip the Switch

Last Tuesday our Tae Kwon Do instructor talked to us about flipping the switch. He said it is important to be able to flip the switch on and off when sparring, breaking, and over all doing this sport. His comment was it’s harder to switch off. My reality is it’s harder to switch on.

All the things I desperately want to do require a switch to be flipped. I have to decide that my desire is bigger than my fear in order to proceed. On the day of the TKD tournament my switch flipped because I became protective of other team members. I need to flip the switch whenever I go to TKD class. I flip the switch every day I sit down to write. I flip the switch when I interact with certain people I feel are above or better than me. I flipped the switch when I asked for headshots from my brother-in-law. I flip the switch when I celebrate another day down in my 5k101 program. Sometimes I get tired of having to flip the switch, and sometimes I don’t feel as if I do it near enough.

This living is hard, but then no one said it was easy. To be honest, it was hard when I stayed in my corner whining as well. It’s hard either way but now there are payoffs. The greatest payoff is I am walking towards dreams. I am choosing to open the doors on who I allowed myself to be in the past. I am ignoring the negative nannies in my head and stepping out into this amazing world of abundance and blessings. I simply have to walk through the door of fear to get there. It’s worth it. Just the few peaks I have had tell me it is so very worth it.

If you are still living on the other side of fear let me ask you, what will it take for you to start flipping the switch? At what point do you decide that living the dreams in your heart is more fulfilling than not? You can flip the switch. You already do. Sometimes it’s by getting up and going through your day. Sometimes it’s when you speak to the new girl because they look more uncomfortable than you feel. Sometimes it’s when your children need you, for whatever reason. You already flip the switch. It’s time to start doing it for you.

What dreams has God given you to step into, big and small? What switches need to be flipped?


  1. Love these thoughts, Stacey! And so thankful that you have been willing to flip the switch with your writing! I think the hardest part in flipping switches is wanting to see the results of our efforts right away. And when things don't turn out the way we want them to, it is easy to retreat.
    Please don't! Your story is so valuable and I love being on this journey with you!!!

    1. Thanks Becky. I like watching you flip your switch too! :D (Okay, now it simply sounds like a crazy phrase. LOL)

  2. This post made me so happy for you and your courage in flipping your switches. And encouraging to me in continuing to seek mine out and keep them flipped.

    I love you!

  3. And what a LOVELY headshot it is!

  4. Stacy...I'm so glad you are encouraging others to flip their switch for God's glory, which ultimately leads to true joy! Bless u sweetie!


  5. Oh yes. Wonderful post. My plans are still kinda, a little bit quiet in my heart. But, I feel a birth about to take place.


    1. It does feel like a birthing process, doesn't it? Thanks!!


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