Dearest friend,

I am writing to encourage you today, because there is always a day we need encouragement.

What calls to your heart? What would you like to do more than anything? Do you have any idea? You are so wrapped up in what you should do and what is expected; you haven’t taken the time it requires to listen to your own heart. You are good at listening to others. Now, my dear, it’s time to listen to you.

How long will it take to cut through the other voices to hear your own? Is it simply a bike ride through town? Do you need a weekend away? Maybe it’s simply some time every day to sit and think and push through the rest.

Oh, I know they love you. Some of those voices anyway, they love you. They see great things for you, and they simply want to encourage you because they see the special. They worry you don’t see it and think a nudge will help. So they nudge, only it’s in a specific direction. Does their direction lead you away from your heart, from your true self, or towards it? If it is away, take their idea, how wonderful you are, and devote it to the direction you need to go.

The hateful voices? Ah, how nice would it be to simply let those go. But it takes work. Every moment the negative tendrils enter your day you have to slowly and surely unwind them. It’s not a letting go that we have to do. It’s a breaking free. That’s really more the truth of the matter, isn’t it?

So, you are breaking free from the voices from your life. You are sitting in the silence waiting to hear your heart and the dreams God has for you. You are wondering if they are going to be big or small, or if you will even make a difference at all. Let go of your own expectations, my dear. They will keep you from hearing the truth clearly. When we define something we put it in a box and eventually we have to break free from that as well. So skip the step and don’t judge your heart.

I hope for you to be able to breathe. To take the air into your lungs and expel it back to the sky. To know without a doubt that you are following YOUR path carved out by the hand of God. You will be filled with love and joy, in the good and hard, through the highs and lows, each day, every season. And the hard days will bring you here, needing encouragement. So remember. You are brave and awesome. You amaze me with the steps you have already taken. You have come so far and learned so much. Everything you have gone through will be used for good, and you can trust that you have not been alone at any point. You are beautiful, my dear friend. I count myself blessed to have crossed paths with you.

Never forget. Listen. Hear. Break free. Breathe deep.


  1. What a nice post. It is so encouraging. I really felt like you wrote it just for me!

    1. I wrote it for anyone who passes this way. And I am so glad that you did because it is truth for you.

  2. Boy is this one a keeper. I don't print out a lot of blogs. Read that as "This is the first one." I think it's going in my purse. And another copy in my calendar. And another on my wall.

  3. Stacey, these words are prefect for me today, too. Thank you. Breaking free from the hateful voices and expectations, yes!

    1. Oh I'm so glad Mandy!! ((hugs))


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