A Truth: You are replaceable and irreplaceable

Every good lie has a bit of truth in it. Granted it’s twisted and warped, but the truth within the mess allows you to believe everything which surrounds it. Sometimes the lies come in opposites, as being both {replaceable} and {irreplaceable}, and sometimes they come individually. As long as we live with these lies tucked into our hearts, we will never be free of them. I am done living the lies, and I think it’s time to shine some light on them.

Too often we get in trouble when we paint truths in our life with broad strokes. There are people in this world who find me easily replaceable. The position will be filled by another. No gain or loss on their part, and it says more about them than me. But to some people in my life, I am completely irreplaceable. Those are the people who matter. It’s not in how I do something, but in who I am.

My husband has lived through more layoffs than his age. He has seen people come and go in different locations he has worked. While job security would be nice, we have learned that replace ability is the name of the game in the working world. Even if you do an outstanding job, it’s all about crunching the numbers when it comes to pink slips. But in our family my husband is irreplaceable. He is my loving husband of twenty years. He is an outstanding father. The way he does life has influenced and affected my boys and me in numerous ways. There is no way we could replace him. No one could duplicate the way he makes me smile or the boys laugh. No one could compare to how he inspires me. No one could compete with the way he wholly and devotedly loves us.

The next time someone tells you that you are replaceable, stop for a minute and assess the situation. You may be in this specific position, but you are not in your life. And the next time you start thinking you are irreplaceable simply make sure you are holding what is most important closest to your heart.

The truth is you are both replaceable and irreplaceable. Don’t let the lies twist it.


  1. I'm blowing you up with comments today but I'm enjoying catching up while I process photos. :D

    "I am done living the lies..."

    That line - gold! That sums up where I am right now with what I'm working through. I'm done living the lies. Perfect!


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