T-shirt Quilt in the Making

The beginnings of a tshirt quilt

I look at the stack of t-shirts which are in front of me and know I am holding someone’s memories in my hands. I use the template to cut the perfect square out of each shirt, and lay them down trying to make the best grouping possible. I take my time placing each shirt. It has a home I just need to locate where it is. Still, I know it doesn’t really matter if all the blue shirts were lined up or set in the corners; it’s the memories the owner will think about when they look at the finished quilt. It’s wrapping themselves in their past and carrying it with them into the future. It can feel a little daunting at times, being responsible for these shirts, but when it’s completed I am always so grateful to have been a part of making memories tangible.

How many t-shirts do you have reminding you of an event, a time, or a person? Would you wear them all the time if you could or at least every casual Friday? What if you had another way to keep the memories close at hand, and not wear them thin? I have been able to make several t-shirt quilts for people over the years, and I am blessed to currently be in the middle of a new one. While the responsibility of the shirts and making the quilt is not something I take lightly, I know if you wanted to make one of these you would find it quite easy. As I always say, “If I can do it, anyone can!”

This set of shirts is from a friend’s sister. It will be a birthday present, and we are hoping for a good reception, as always. When the tornado threat passed through I took the shirts into the shelter; I wouldn’t have been able to replace them so it seemed like the wisest move.

This is my big project that I am currently working on, but I also started a small square foot garden and a new online class. What’s going on in your world?


  1. Oh, Stacey! What a brilliant, beautiful idea!!! I love it. Looking good so far.
    I will not be starting this any time soon- but this is good inspiration to finish L's quilt that I have been working on for 4 1/2 YEARS!!!
    I am starting a garden this year as well. I am super excited.
    Okay, this comment is turning into a post, so I had better go! :)

    1. Thank you! I adore making them, and simply try to remember to take pictures before I give it back. LOL My garden is SMALL with only onions and shallots in it right now, but I didn't plant as much as I should have. I'll do more next time. :)

  2. Yay Stacey! I'm a beginner quilter, it's what I do for "me time", so I LOVE anything quilty and I can totally appreciate the work and love that goes into something like this. It's an awesome way to store memories (and stay warm at the same time :) Love it!

    1. Thanks Zohary! I love straight seams. LOL It's amazing what beautiful things are created with them. :D

  3. Love it Stacey! And I know your friend's sister will too! Now I wish I hadn't thrown all my old sorority shirts away :(. At least I now know what to do with special shirts of my daughters...thanks!

    I haven't really written since the 31 Day Challenge, I felt God putting a different big project on my heart. I'm starting a small group at my church for Mother's of Preteen Daughters.....I've dubbed the group MOP Girls. Instead of Mothers of Preschoolers, it's now Mothers of Preteen Girls ;)

    Xo.....patti olson

    1. Oh Patti I think that is wonderful! I hope you keep writing as well. Maybe devotionals for Mopgirl mom's. :D

      And thanks sweetie. :)


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