A Lie: You Are Replaceable

Shelby simply took it all in. This was to be her surprise going away party, and yet the biggest surprise came from her boyfriend. Somehow he had met her friend who didn’t even attend the same school, and since she was leaving Valerie was the new girlfriend. So now she sat next to them on the same couch, in the dark, as they were holding hands and laughing. It was hard not to be mad at her friend, but Valerie had no idea it was the same guy. Not at first. Shelby simply couldn’t stay in that spot anymore. She was supposed to be cool and understanding, but apparently she was neither.

Pretending to need more to drink she got up and walked through the darkened room and wondered why she was still there. The music beat so loud she could feel the pounding in her chest and head. The cool night air coming from the opened front door felt like relief. Maybe she should simply call her mom to come get her early. She could wait outside for her to show up, and no one would be the wiser. She really didn’t want to make a big deal out of anything. She turned back at the doorway to look at the couch again, and as the light from the hall fell into the room she realized she didn’t belong here anymore. Though the move hadn’t taken place yet, she had already been replaced in a bazillion different ways. She didn’t realize the truth was the scene showed more about the boy, her friend, and all of their ages. She had loved both of them as much as her 14 year old heart could love, and she couldn’t imagine how this could be their fault. It had to be hers.

Out in the chilled night air at the corner of the garage as she waited for her mother Shelby wondered how much she should admit. The easiest thing would be to simply say the party was grand, and be done with it. She wrapped her arms around her body, and pulled her hands into her sweatshirt to stay warm. As her mom pulled up Shelby was grateful the sound of the music and laughter coming from the house would soon be far behind her. Unfortunately, what she had learned, that she was replaceable, would become part of who she was for a long time after. She tucked the lesson deep into her soul never knowing it couldn’t be true.



  1. Wonderful Stacey! So true that lies slip in at unnoticed moments, and fight to be part of us forever!

  2. Oh... :( This was really good, Stacey.

  3. Oh Mercy Stacey! How you spoke to my heart. That wasn't the lie told to me when I young, but I certainly lived my life believing a lie. So this hits me square. I have since overcome the lie and I rejoice in that! I hope people read this and helps them determine if they have been listening to lies too.

    1. I hope that too! There are so many lies that we believe and live with as if they are truth. My plan is to uncover those and shine the light on them. :)

  4. Ummm...so, I can totally relate to this. Puts a choke in my throat. Which also means you wrote it well.


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