Yesterday was the big game for football. Number 46. It's funny, I remember watching number 31 only because that was the day youngest was born. This one may not have been as memorable as that, but it was a good day. We started planning last weekend, possibly? We decided to have family and a few of oldest's friends over. As parties are want to do, the invitation list wasn't who showed, but it all worked out. We had a great time.

I made Italian Beef Sandwiches, coke cupcakes, and Ranch crackers. I have had the sandwich recipe for ages. The blog it came from, which I linked to, is amazing. They also have a 50's meatloaf recipe which is the one I make on a regular basis. The coke cupcakes I saw somewhere online but forgot to bookmark the website. The Yahoo page is the only one I could find that used only the cake mix and cola to make the cupcakes. And they were light and moist. The Ranch crackers I got from a friend through an email, but the link I share here is the same recipe. I did find some mini-saltines I used rather than the oyster crackers or the regular sized saltines. They ended up quite addictive. We also had some queso and chips, a variety of sweets my boys are thrilled to still have, and some french fries. *Oh my word. I JUST NOW remembered the veggie tray I have in the fridge!* No worries, we had more than enough food for the group that showed up.

Speaking of, let me tell you inch worm is probably not the best nickname for that child anymore. He never.stopped.running while he was here. He's like the pink battery bunny, without the drums or duration. He is so completely cute! As the night wore on, he wore out, but simply started moving a little slower and less sure of his footing. It is amazing how fast he is growing and learning. I know, babies have a tendency to do a lot of both.

So, all us adults (and I'm including my two teens in that group) sat around and watched the game, not having a favorite, but choosing to cheer for the Giants. My perception of the game was weird. At first I was amazed it was already half time, then it sort of drug through until the last 6 minutes of the game, and then it got really exciting. We had much laughter, some cheering, and just a really nice time of fellowship with the family.

The best commercial, says the girl who didn't see them all, was the one for Chrysler with Clint Eastwood. The Detroit Free Press has it on their website if you missed it. Just inspirational, and full of hope for the country. I know Chrysler makes a lot of this type of commercials, and I really wish Ford had thought to do that considering all the financial facts, but it's still fairly motivational none the less.

I think the thing I will remember from the day, most of all, is how God moved for me. It sounds pretty trite and silly to even mention the details, but for me it was a huge moment. He filled a hole that I didn't know existed with this party. He reminded me of all my loved ones and who count in my life. He showed me how to be me, and not worry so much. He shows up in our lives all the time. I'm just grateful when I see His hand.


  1. :) It sounds like you had a wonderful day!!

    1. Thanks! I know I did, and I believe everyone else did as well. :)


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