Two things planted in my brain.

When we moved to Oklahoma it took a while to feel as if I wasn't simply visiting. Maybe because I had visited my sister a few times, so things were familiar but not home. The thing is, I know when I first began the moving process I did start seeing things differently.  

Is this the store I would shop at most? Turns out the answer is no.
Will I know you in a few months? I have no idea who it was.
Where will the furniture be placed? Ended up getting new furniture altogether.
What will make this place feel like home? The answer surprises me every time.

I love having my sister and her family and my parents nearby. I adore the house we moved into and the neighborhood is quiet. We have had experiences and memories which will be connected to this place forever. But there are two things that happen on a regular basis which makes me feel anchored. Two things I didn't even have on my radar when we first moved here.

The train in the distance signaling its arrival and departure through town.
The geese flying over head honking as they look for a place to stay.

In Oklahoma train and geese are what calm my heart and anchor it a little more each time. I can't really explain it, and I don't know why it's not something a little more familial or Oklahoman. I guess I've never really been one to fully understand all the things that make me tick. I'm simply grateful each time my ears pick up on one of those two sounds, and invariably a smile comes to my face.

I know, I need some pictures of those two, don't I!


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