Three Crafty Items

We're going to take a break from "undoing" and talk a little about things I worked on last week.

Final resultcarry all with crayon case and book inside

I have always wanted a chalkboard in my house. I loved the idea of changing quotes or greetings, but I wanted it to be framed. I decided to altar a picture ages ago, but I had to do it in a way that the altaration didn't change the picture. Ah, the challenge.

All the supplies to make the chalkboard pictureIn order to make this I picked up some chalkboard spray paint, use a gifted T-square, and purchased a large piece of black foam board. See the magnolia print? That's where I wanted the chalkboard to reside, so I measured within the frame and then cut the foam board to fit.

First coats of paint warped one edge a little I took the board outside and spraypainted it with the chalkbaord paint. It was quite interesting doing this on a windy Oklahoma day surrounded by dead grass, but with the help of my youngest we managed to get it black. As you can see by the edge, the first layers warped one side of the board. I used a ltitle rubber cement to try to make it smooth again, but that didn't work so well. It's not that noticeable, so I just went with it.

Almost there; needed another coat of paint This is the first time I thought it was done. I simply didn't like the cloudy look to it, and the chalk wouldn't write very well. Now, I still need to purchase some brand name chalk, for I understand it can make a difference, but I also repainted the board with some more chalkboard paint. The second set of layers seemed to make a huge difference for the surface, but somehow the board is now a little small for the frame and falls out. You can see it in the frame in the first picture on this page, but it is currently sitting in front of the bookshelf until I can figure something out which doesn't hurt the painting inside.

Inchworm turned 1 this past week. Amazing isn't it? Well, I decided I wanted to make him something that he could use for a while and would be handy for mom and dad. I chose to make a carry all, and a crayon case.

everything for the color case This, along with rubber cement and modge podge, are what I made the crayon case out of. I thought it would come in handy at restaurants, and easier to take the crayons in and out of.
fingernail polish removes paint... with elbow greaseFirst I thought I would try a technique I saw online which was to remove the paint off the tin with fingernail polish remover. Let me say, this does work. However, my fingers were cramping quite a bit at this point. I did manage to get the black print off the back of the tin, and some off the top, but I changed my plans here a little because my fingers hurt so badly.

crayon case with modge podge all over the toprubber cement and mod podge step Using rubber cement I glued scrapbook paper down on top of the tin, and I used the modge podge to glue on the "My colors" sign for the top. I also completely modge podged the edges of the scrapbook paper and the edges of the top to make it more secure.

crayons fit right in. See, the crayons fit in new, and once they start being used they will be even easier to get in and out of the tin.

Material for carry all For the carry all I used a combination of tutorials. Prudent baby shows us how to make an adorable drawstring back pack. I have used this before to make my tornado bag, and it's very easy to follow and understand. I wanted to make it able to close, so I decided to use a *gulp* zipper to close it. I found this lined zipper pouch tutorial at Skip to My Lou which helped tremendously.

a 14 inch zipper is 16 inches long - did you know?Now, let me say, because Skip to My Lou's tutorial said to cut the material the same length as the zipper, that a zipper length is labeled two inches shorter than the actual length of the entire zipper. So, I cut the material 14 inches, but needed 16 inches. I made it work, and I have learned.

I was really pleased with how both of these turned out, and hopefully I'll get that chalkboard up on a wall somewhere if not in the Magnolia frame.


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