An altered quilt top

Quilt top before

Sometimes something clicks. Things aren't right, you aren't happy with the way things look, seem, or appear. And then all of a sudden, everything is so very different after a little bit of rearranging. That's what happened with this quilt top. After I finished it I folded it up, stuffed it under the table, and thought to myself if I didn't finish it I wouldn't waste more material. But then, after a few days, I pulled it out again.

Rearranged pieces like a puzzle  Folded up and cut up

I folded the quilt top up, and started cutting. Three slices in both directions left me with enough pieces that I could rearrange and end up with a completely different look. What had kept me from doing anything like this prior was that I thought it was supposed to be a certain way. I had put parameters on myself that limited me in what I could or could not do. And then I realized that was plain silly. The quilt top didn't work. I needed to do what I could to try to make it work. If it didn't turn out I would be no worse off than if I had left it alone.

Although, I don't really think that's true. I think not trying is damaging to us in a small way. It gives strength to the critic and the negative voices whether they are in our mind or come externally. Sometimes the trying again matters a lot.

Quilt top after.

Truth be told, I'm not sure if I'm thrilled with the final result. There is one single white bar that is out of place. I'm not sure how I did that, though folding the quilt and cutting didn't leave exact size pieces. But I like it better now than I did originally. It's folded up and under the table again. Maybe that's the best place for it to sit for a while. It gives me time to consider, think, and dream. Then we'll see if it needs to be chopped up and rearranged again, backed and quilted, or simply find another use that has to do with dust.


  1. I think it is gorgeous! And I like the version of the chopped up quilt before the white sashing was added too. The layout was fresh and modernistic and would have looked just as lovely as the version with the White sashing. From one quilter to another, well done! And way to go stepping outside of the lines. We all should quilt beyond the lines sometimes. It gives us new perspective.

    1. I agree that the quilt could have held it's own without the white sashing. I got "trellis" stuck in my head, however, and so I had to follow through with that. :) Thank you!


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