Some see the sun rise through mountains, and some see it rise through rooftops, but it rises either way.
Sunrise Saturday morning when my oldest headed off to work.

I am struggling. I just wrote for over an hour and deleted it. It was more of a stream of consciousness writing and should never have ended up in public. I'm glad I deleted it, but I will still be dealing with the issues I wrote about. My plan is to do it in a way that I hope I can present to anyone who passes by. In small chunks.

I have had a life full of doing as far as my Christianity is concerned. Now I want to start undoing.

This will take me to places I have claimed to be.
This will have me doing things I have done in the past.
This will have me working hard not to do other things.
This will go against things I have taught, said, and been adamant about.
This will agree with things I want to stand for.

This shall be interesting.


  1. But... it sounds like it will take you good places. :)


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