Quilt Binding Refresher

sad sad binding not quite as sad but still sad binding
I should have refreshed my mind before I bound these quilts, but I went with what I remembered. Now I wish I had taken a little bit of time before hand because I realized my mistakes which caused such sad sad corners on my two little lap quilts that I made.

Touch of Caramel
Touch of Caramel back of Touch of Caramel

This is the quilt I shared two weeks ago. I ended up using a dark brown to bind, but it pulled that color out of the plaid so I felt it worked. As you can see on the back of this one I learned a little bit about centering. If I don't use an entire piece of material for the back I have to be more careful about how I design the back. The little green edge didn't show quite as well on all four sides, and the green edge shows my "not straight lines" on the binding very well. Lessons learned.

Sunshine & Blueskies
Sunshine and Blueskies back of Sunshine and Blue Skies

This was the second quilt that I pieced and I like the background material I found for it. The lessons I learned on this quilt was to make sure all the squares are FULLY squares because what you think will get caught up in the hems may not and then you end up with a hole in the top. I fixed the errors, but knowing they are there make my heart a little sad.
My youngest has claimed "Touch of Caramel" and it does match his room fairly well. If I had known it was going in there the caramel would have been tossed and I would have gone with a gray or black. As it is the lighter colors lighten his room a little, and the greens and blues match.

Now, for the binding errors which made my corners a little frankenstine-ish. I figured out what I did wrong, it's amazing what a 1/4 seam in the wrong place can do, but so that you don't make the same mistake I did I want to share this great tutorial that I found over at Crazy Mom Quilts. She did a great job of showing how to bind a quilt, and makes it look so easy. It is, if you follow her steps, which I will next time.

One would think after the number of quilts I have done that I wouldn't make these type of mistakes, but it goes to show you that refreshers have their place with everything.


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