Parmesan Rolls (Easy!)

Parmesan Rolls (Easy!)

I am no Julia Child or Pioneer Woman but I absolutely love to cook. Last night I thought to myself one of the things I wish I had done with my munchkin more was to pull them into the kitchen and make them cook with me. My biggest problem is that so often I don't know exactly what I am doing from the get go, and yes I do meal plan. I simply change things up a lot as I get into whatever recipe I have going.

I'm still trying to put bread on the table for every meal, though sometimes it simply doesn't happen. I try to pick things up from the store which are easy and don't require a lot of forthought, because I don't always have that. Last grocery trip I had purchased a bag of dinner rolls out of the deli, but I wanted something with a little flavor for the spaghetti dinner, and so, my Parmesan rolls were born.

Ingredients:: 1 bag of rolls (about 12 in the bag but can use as many as you need), melted butter, Garlic powder, Kosher salt, Cracked pepper, Parmesan cheese

Directions:: Line a cookie sheet with foil and place the number of rolls you are preparing on the sheet. Mix the garlic powder into the melted butter, and brush on top of each roll. Sprinkle the salt, pepper, and cheese on top of the rolls. Place in an oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes, enough for the cheese to melt. Serve warm.

They really were yummy, and all eight that I made were gobbled right up. We are a bread loving family, but this little addition made the rolls so much better than straight out of the bag and it was so quick! I just knew I had to share.


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