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I think the issue is that we define ourselves and our relationships by what we do. What makes us a good mom, friend, person? The answer to those things is what we do. Make breakfast, have coffee, open doors. So, when it comes to defining ourselves by our relationship with God, the first thing we fall to is what we do. I have had a variety of people tell me what they thought it took to be a good Christian, and I have my own list as well. Combined, it can get quite overwhelming.

  1. Accept Jesus as Lord (because that's always first, right?)
  2. Read the Bible daily
  3. Read the Bible in 3 months
  4. Journal daily
  5. Pray for everyone you have ever met
  6. Do more than popcorn prayers
  7. Start your day with at least an hour of prayer
  8. Speak in tongues
  9. Attend a local church
  10. Be active in the church
  11. Attend church every Sunday
  12. Be at the church every day the doors are opened
  13. Open the doors of the church
  14. Memorize scripture
  15. Memorize at least a verse a month
  16. Memorize books of the Bible
  17. Attend a Bible study
  18. Study the Bible on your own
  19. Lead a Bible study
  20. Learn Hebrew and Greek so you can read the original translations
  21. Work in Vacation Bible School
  22. Work in the nursery
  23. Teach a Sunday School
  24. Volunteer in the Youth
  25. Get along with everyone
  26. Tell people what they do wrong
  27. Attend retreats and conferences
  28. Agree with your pastor's sermons
  29. Walk humbly with God
  30. Take care of orphans and widows
  31. Adopt a child
  32. Go on a mission trip
  33. Go on a mission trip to another country
  34. Write devotionals
  35. See God's blessings every day
  36. Be joyous
  37. Don't complain or grumble
  38. Live out the fruits of the Spirit
  39. Know your ministry calling
  40. Don't curse
  41. Don't eat meat
  42. Dress modestly
  43. Submit to others
  44. Submit to your husband
  45. Submit to God only
And I'm betting you could add to this list even with it being as long as it is.

Currently I am entertaining a thought I have never really considered before. What if... just imagine with me... what if you could not do these things for whatever reason. Then... how would you define your relationship with God? What would make you a "good Christian" at that point?


  1. Ummmm...okay...yeah. I'll be chewing on that for a while. You always make me think!

    1. My thinking is still going on as well. :) Thanks for dropping by, Angela. I would love to know where your thinking takes you.

  2. I've been struggling with a Too Christian / Not Christian Enough thing. It keeps trying to write itself in poetic form, but it never fully develops. I'm being patient...mostly.


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