We went to a recital this afternoon after church where my oldest had their Christmas performance. He played and sang Gravity. There were several other children performing a variety of other songs, all on a variety of different instruments, all a variety of different ages.

I wanted to rush to their mothers.

"Enjoy this time! It goes by all too quickly.
I was told that and ignored it.
Or I thought I understood,
but let me tell you - I didn't.
I hope you are smarter than I was.

I enjoyed some of the time, tried to forget the fights, and tried to imprint the laughter into my brain.
I rolled my eyes when they annoyed me.
Why did I do that?
I wished for some days of my own.
I will have plenty.
I have told others that the time doesn't go quickly,
on the days that drug.

But please,
no matter what I have said in the past,
this time is short.

They may be learning to walk, speak, or play an instrument.
They may be struggling with math, writing, or their latest karate move.
They may be fighting you every step of the way.
But be there.
In that moment.
And cherish it.
The struggles, the fights, the laughter, the time.
Enjoy it as much as you can
in the light that we are to be thankful for it all.

I know you don't think you ever will be thankful for some things,
but you will.
And the sooner you are,
the more you can cherish where you are."

And that's what I wanted to say,
 but I didn't
I was busy cherishing the moment myself.


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