God's creative people.

I hesitate to say it, but I am struggling lately. In moving forward I have to deal with some thoughts, issues, and ideas that have been in my mind which I have largely ignored. I remember when music wasn't necessarily categorized, or at least that's how it seemed. Art was art, and it didn't need a second label on it. Books were stories in which we could learn much. When did we decide that it was necessary to put the "christian" label on it, and why does that get the response it does?

I am reading a book about "creatives" and the lessons successful women share. I have read three or four chapters and already feel heavy. Their words are from their heart, and I would not negate that in a minute. I believe I can learn from these women and am grateful for the words they are willing to share. As I said, I have not finished the book, but I will. It's just that out of 4 chapters, and however many of the 45 women who were interviewed for it, none of them yet have pointed to the Creator.

It's like a division in camp. Or maybe not really. You see, I have found that there are many people out there who will turn their back on a book, music, etc. if it is labeled "christian." Somehow they have gotten the rap of being lesser than, or not quite as good as. People either gravitate to something because of that label, or they run screaming, with the majority of the world running, I think. So, why would anyone point to the Creator and get labeled in that way to have their work dismissed before it's even looked at subjectively?

Where are the voices of those who worship the One True God and allow His creativity to flood their soul and overflow into work that is astounding and amazing? I know they are out there. Where are those who do everything for the glory of God? How can we as christians point to the Creator and show how AMAZING He is through what we do?

Or maybe there are some out there doing just that, in an individual way, and we simply have to find them? Some carry the label, and some don't. The authors, the painters, the bloggers, the creatives who know where their creativity comes from. Maybe there is no book that is full of their wisdom of how to keep your eye on God no matter what you do, how to promote your business but not shadow your God, how to show God's glory by giving your best? Or maybe there is and I simply have not come across it yet.

In this season of Celebrating Christ's birth I feel as if I am taking stock of so many things, and I find myself lacking. What can I give this Christ child? Do I need a label of christian to make Him proud or for others to see Him in my life? Or can I live the creative part of my life as I to try do the rest of my life where He is intertwined amongst everything, including my mistakes? Do I need to stand up for the label of christian or can I know that only God knows any of our hearts and this label means virtually nothing? Answers evade.


  1. Thought provoking - and I'm still thinking.

  2. Personally....I look at my "creativity" as something PURELY GOD-given, as a daily blessing to ease a scattered mind, and of course an outlet. I see that outlet as a way to help other people. If I can make a difference somehow, whether through inspiration or a TANGIBLE object placed in someone's hand, then I am passing on what GOD has blessed me with knowing. I'm the first in line to say that my odd assortment of talent is OF GOD, not of myself. As for these women you have been reading about....they are either in denial or just in the dark. Do what YOU can do every day to spread a bit of GOD's grace, and try to leave the rest behind you. Trust me....there's A LOT to be said for simply being a "beacon on a hill" and not necessarily making sure that EVERYONE has a flashlight. xoxo Kristi


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