31 Days of Being Still:: Remember

It is so easy to go through your day, trying to tackle what comes your way, and just move along one step at a time without even thinking. It is amazingly simple to fight the hard fight, struggle against those that are wrong, and make your way through each day. It is easy to lose patience, lose your temper, and lose your mind.

In order to be still throughout the day there is one thing you simply MUST do, and that is remember.

We have to remember that
  • God is in control
  • We have no control
  • He wants to help us
  • His ideas are better than ours
  • He has unlimited patience and love
  • He is our strength and refuge
  • We are weakest when we try to rely on our own strength
The Hebrew word for "Be Still" is rapa, a verb. It means: to hang limp, sink down, be feeble; to be lazy, to lower, discourage; to leave alone, abandon, withdraw; to show oneself slack. Psalm 46 is the only time that rapa is interpreted as "Be Still." The reason we are given to be still is to know that God is God. It's not to simply stop doing something. It's not to simply give up. It's more of a letting go and letting God mentality. Realize that you have no control, and know that God has it all covered.

It's hard. It's hard to do. It's hard to remember to do.
It's changing my way of thinking. It's taking my thoughts captive to Christ.

Yesterday I was terribly feeble. I felt lazy and was discouraged. I wanted to withdraw. And yet, there was no purpose behind that behavior or those feelings. Rather I felt that way because I was trying to do things under my own power. Under my own strength. I forgot that God is God.

When the first bit of bacon sent smoke into the entire house I wanted to give up and cry.
When the second bit of bacon would not cook I just got so frustrated.
When I finally sat down to eat with the family, the hamburgers weren't done as they should have been. I was so angry.

It's just a meal. It's just bacon. What's the big deal? Things went wrong and I was frustrated that I couldn't handle it. I forgot to remember that I can rely on the one who handles it all.

I wonder what I would have been like yesterday if I had remembered to be still throughout the day in order to know that God is God. I think it would have changed my responses.


  1. I love this! Especially the way you explained the Hebrew definition of "be still". And I can totally relate to the food not turning out as hoped and ruining things. I always feel so petty when I do that, but I do it anyway!

  2. Thanks Ashley! I loved the way it was defined as well. :)


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