31 Days of Being Still: The Last Day

The Last Day

I didn't want a friend to drink coffee with
I heard tell of a Savior ~ a Judge.
I heard rumor of a man
with a Father's love.
I heard that it was tangible
and tough.
I needed a relationship
I could count on.
I needed to know
He was there.
But who am I to ask
I am nothing
He is the Creator of the World
I am ashes
He is eternal
I am sinful
He is holy.

But He knew that I sought Him
and knew this was no game
and didn't even need to come when I called.
For He was here all along
waiting for me to see
to hear
to know
And all I had to do was
be still.

Your grace and mercy astound me
Your love knows no depth
Your kindness to remember
Your generous patience
Your second chances
I know I don't deserve
but You give
and I thank You.

I will rejoice in Your constant assurance
I will rejoice in Your day
I will rejoice in the knowledge
that You love me anyway



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