31 Days of Being Still:: Good

When things go right, and everything is smooth we have a tendency to climb into our own little world and forget that anything or anybody else exists. You would think we would simply be grateful, but all too often our ego stands up and says, "This is all because of ME!" We forget that God is ever present. We forget that His hand is there. We forget, that even in the peaceful times we need to be still.

Hezekiah's story is full of examples. I have focused on one that was fairly new to me, which was a good example of how we should live life. The story you find in 2 Kings 20 is the one I was always more familiar with, and I'm afraid to say, the one by which I condemned Hezekiah. In 2 Chronicles 32 it simply says that Hezekiah did not respond properly to being healed and became proud. In Isaiah 38-39 you can read more of Hezekiah's response to his illness and healing.

I have to admit, I have often questioned where Hezekiah went wrong. How did he go from being still, to asking God for help, to seeing all that Judah had as his own and showing it off to the Babylonians? Some say that in his Poem of Praise in Isaiah there is a hint. When he says near the end about the dead not being able to praise God and mostly "Think of it—the Lord is ready to heal me!" Hezekiah saw the healing as a response to what good he had done prior to this point. That he was loved more than someone who actually died. My heart falters, because I know that it would be easy to feel the same way if I had been in Hezekiah's shoes. In reality, I have condemned myself every time I condemned Hezekiah.

What would have happened if Hezekiah had stopped and remembered that God is God? Just because things turned out well, did that mean Hezekiah had anything to do with it, or was it our ever present God who had all to do with it? How many times do we pat ourselves on the back when things smooth out a little? How many times do we look at someone else and say, "Things are hard for YOU because you haven't done what I did?!" Oh we are so quick to judge and condemn and see ourselves as grand when God has brought our lives some peace. Maybe the truth of the matter is we need His refuge from ourselves when there seems to be no outside trouble around.

Just this morning I was praising God for an opportunity He has brought me. Perfect timing that made things seem ordained for me to be able to do this. When I had my quiet time I was a little more rattled, less settled, and it was harder for me to be still. I recognized this, but didn't know how to fix it. It seems that it might be just as difficult to be still when God brings "good" as it is when you are panicked because of trouble.


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