31 Days of Being Still:: Friday Lessons

It's been a long week. One full of God's mercy.

This past week, we were faced with a financial situation where we found ourselves thanking God for his preparation and pleading to God for help. Much of my quiet time was in trying to be still and wait for God to take care of everything. Though much of my regular time was in trying to fix things.

The problem is, I know there are times that God wants us to do things. I struggle sometimes in knowing when or what. The glorious benefit of being still is that He will nudge us, show us, teach us, if we only stop for a minute to hear. Then when we act we can act on the surety of what we do. Sometimes I did this; other times I reacted out of panic.

God's mercy removed the problem for now, and His grace gave us more time to find the solution. Or maybe I should say wait for the solution?

I, however, have ended up this week feeling quite useless. Questioning everything I try to do. Doubting that anything I do is of any use. And I wonder why I am so focused on me this morning? Why am I listening to all of these words that will do nothing but tear me down?

Did I do anything this past week to fix the situation? No. God took care of it all.
Does that mean I am useless and worth nothing? No. God took care of it FOR us.

I don't know or understand. I'm at a bit of a loss as to why I am where I am this morning.

I'm still doing my morning quiet times, and have actually arranged things so that for most of the days of the week it is the very first thing I do. The weekends run a little differently, but I still get that quiet time in the morning. I realized that I must find a balance of all the things I want to include in my quiet time, because right now it is simply being still and writing to God. I have dropped other things which I need to pick back up.


  1. :( This just makes me want to give you a big hug. You're not useless! I love you!


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