31 Days of Being Still:: Friday Lesson and Request

The fact that I am amazed I am nearly half way through with this series is stunning.  The time seems to have flown by, so I am surely expecting the last half to be harder. Whether that means it goes slower, or I have to dig deeper, we shall see. I'm expecting the latter, however.

I am so glad that God first showed me all the times that I need to be still for the protection of others. So often I have a tendency to see myself as the one injured when I know very well that I am no innocent dove. I have messed up more times than I care to admit, and am simply grateful that God gives second chances.

Tomorrow I'll talk more about second chances and what that means as we then move into the times we need to be still because we have been the injured parties. I'm going to be treading very carefully through these waters. I have found that the only ones who are allowed to say, "Everyone's hurt is the same," are the ones who have confessed to hurts that are huge. I don't want anyone to feel belittled, less than, more injured, or more hurt. It's just that I have been learning some AMAZING things for those of us who have been hurt, and let me say I do believe everyone HAS been hurt in some way. The thing is we don't have to continue to live hurt.

I have a little request as well. I was wondering if anyone who happens to cross paths with this post who has learned the art of listening and being still would like to share their testimony. I guess that's not a little request, but it doesn't have to be a long essay. I just was hoping that someone may want to encourage others who are just starting this path. If you feel God leading you to share contact me at staceydaze over at gmail and I'm pretty sure you know that's a dot com.


  1. :) Well, I'm very much enjoying what you've been sharing... as far as different hurts in relationships... I think I have come to believe that when it comes to hurts and damages to relationships, it is very rare that the "blame" ever belongs wholly with one party. So when I get to feeling very victimized and hurt in a situation, it helps me to say "Ok, Jo... yes, you're right and it's okay to be hurt by that. HOWEVER... be honest and evaluate the things you did, too." I guess it's through being really honest with myself that God has been best able to touch and heal some of those hurts. I'm not sure I'm making much sense. lol

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to what you share next! I love you!


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