31 Days of Being Still:: Friday Lesson

I have learned something over the past week. In a nutshell: the process of "Being Still" is more than sitting quietly for a few moments in the morning.

I'm still fresh into this, and the fact that I have three more weeks to go feels a little daunting, but what I know right now is that "Being Still" is a way of life, not just a way to start your morning. The question then remains why start it out that way?

In the first week I have come to understand for myself that taking some time in the morning to focus on God is a right way to start my day. It helps me prioritize what's important, it helps me bring my focus back to God through the day, and it helps me remember that this day, life, thing isn't about me at all. I simply get to take part in it.

The adjustment of how I saw the day came about because of two things which happened last week. In my Breaking Free bible study, Mrs. Moore talked about her daughter when she was younger and how the little girl stated God let her be part of His day. (I would quote, but honestly I worry about the copyright laws so that's a VERY brief summary.) And then I learned that a friend I had in high school died in a car accident recently. Those things made me realize that each day I am allowed on this earth is a gift and some days are a challenge, but regardless they are from God and I need to remember that from the get go. This is why I will continue taking time every morning to sit and be with God before things get underway.

So, if "Being Still" is more about a lifestyle, I want to delve deeper into that and I hope to do so in the coming week.


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