31 Days of Being Still:: Doubt

Maybe this one should have been first of all.
Maybe this is what makes it the hardest of all.
More than not remembering.

Mark 9:24
Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”

On any regular day I see God all around. I will proclaim His relevance in my life. I will testify to the things he has done.

And then if I am trying to be still and wait for him to move... I doubt.

Will he do anything? I know so many who have struggled. Good and bad happens to everyone.

Will he help me? I can believe he will help others, but can I believe for myself?

What will he do? Will it be something that barely gets us by, will it be in this world or the next, will he wait to see how we respond?

Joshua walked around a city. Shadrach, Meeshach and Abendego walked into the fire. Hezekiah waited. Esther went into the king's presence. Ruth followed Naomi back home. The boy's father went to Jesus for healing for his son.

What is it that you need to believe God will do? Remember you? Take care of you? Love you? He has given us examples in the lives of those in the Bible and in our own life. He has given His Word. We simply have to hold on to what we know and ask for help with the rest.

Lord, help me be still and help me overcome my unbelief.


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